Kuda Bondamakara

Freshman - 645 Points [Kuda Bondamakara]

Kuda Bondamakara Poems

1. Soldier On Grand 'Ma! 8/26/2014
2. Every Mother, Is My Own! 8/26/2014
3. Solitude 8/26/2014
4. Hope In A Land Of A Hopeless Reality 8/26/2014
5. Consoled In The End 8/26/2014
6. God, Our Refuge! 8/26/2014
7. The Diary Of A Bridegroom 2/14/2014
8. Hang On My Angel 9/23/2014
9. The Gold-Digger Of Wandsworth 11/11/2014
10. Forbidded Love 9/16/2015
11. Rivers Of Tears 9/16/2015
12. The Tender Dolphin 12/16/2015
13. Do You Hear Us? 6/12/2016
14. The House Across Our Road 8/27/2014
15. The Coward In Me! 8/26/2014
16. Will I Walk You Home Tonight, Oh Darlin? 2/14/2014
17. A Valentine Song For Tracy 2/18/2014
18. The Tears Of An Illegal Immigrant 2/14/2014
19. The Microphone 9/11/2014
20. The Reason I Love You 8/26/2014
21. The Journey Unknown 2/14/2014
22. The Kungfu Panda 2/12/2014
23. My Nubian Queen 2/14/2014
Best Poem of Kuda Bondamakara

My Nubian Queen

If the snow falls and leaves the ground uneven
And the volcano ashes make the sky unseen
If the flights are too dear for the mean
And Im denied some time by the dean
I will still come there in December in a scene
To take you home my Nubian Queen.

If all the lions are let loose out of their den
And commit a carnage that is an unforgettable sin.
If the human race is wiped away and thrown in a bin
And no trace can be made, not even a single gene
I will still come there in December in a scene
To take you home my Nubian Queen.

If the rain falls nonstop ...

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Soldier On Grand 'Ma!

Every time my eyes close
I see a frail old woman
Thin, as a starved cow;
Dark eyes in hollow sockets.
But she hangs on to dear life
With all and might.

Over and over I hear her voice
Barely audible, even in a church mouse

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