Kuda Bondamakara

Freshman - 664 Points [Kuda Bondamakara]

Kuda Bondamakara Poems

1. Soldier On Grand 'Ma! 8/26/2014
2. Every Mother, Is My Own! 8/26/2014
3. Solitude 8/26/2014
4. Hope In A Land Of A Hopeless Reality 8/26/2014
5. Consoled In The End 8/26/2014
6. Hang On My Angel 9/23/2014
7. The Gold-Digger Of Wandsworth 11/11/2014
8. The Diary Of A Bridegroom 2/14/2014
9. Do You Hear Us? 6/12/2016
10. The Coward In Me! 8/26/2014
11. Will I Walk You Home Tonight, Oh Darlin? 2/14/2014
12. A Valentine Song For Tracy 2/18/2014
13. The Reason I Love You 8/26/2014
14. The Journey Unknown 2/14/2014
15. Forbidded Love 9/16/2015
16. The Kungfu Panda 2/12/2014
17. The Tender Dolphin 12/16/2015
18. My Nubian Queen 2/14/2014
19. God, Our Refuge! 8/26/2014
20. The Tears Of An Illegal Immigrant 2/14/2014
21. Rivers Of Tears 9/16/2015
22. The House Across Our Road 8/27/2014
23. The Microphone 9/11/2014
Best Poem of Kuda Bondamakara

The Microphone

He came to church to give a testimony
He believed could touch the lives of many.
So they gave him a microphone,
To turn the voice into a loud tone.

Elated he was for he'd been cured of Ebola
(Even his wife could attest to this, Viola)
The whole congregation went rapturous
To hear such news; so miraculous.

But when he turned to give the microphone
Back to the Senior Pastor
The response was:
'Son, give it to the Junior Pastor'

But the other Clergyman refused to have it
So the Senior Pastor persuaded him
To kindly take it home as a ...

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Every Mother, Is My Own!

Fascinated by the love of a mother;
The seraphs of heaven whisper to one another
"Blessed are ye all mothers;
For your love in times of trouble soothes".

And in the comfort of every mother's wings;
Is protection from dangers that make us cringe.
Since those days that she used to sing;
Just to make us sleep; we are like kings.

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