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Kuda Bondamakara

[Kuda Bondamakara]

Poems of Kuda Bondamakara

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17. The Forbidden Love 8/26/2014
18. The House Across Our Road 8/27/2014
19. The Journey Unknown 2/14/2014
20. The Kungfu Panda 2/12/2014

The Journey Unknown

Last month, we embarked on a journey unknown;
She and I left for a place we could not sojourn.
It was long coming so there was nothing to bemoan
And it was no time to look back, no margin to postpone

In the twinkle of an eye we were swept away by a cyclone
She and I, ascended in a bubble on a journey unknown
It may have been too early to count it a milestone
But we loved every moment of it, for we were left alone

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