Kuji soliman

Rookie (1997 / cairo/egypt)

Biography of Kuji soliman

I was born in Cairo, Egypt.
My character: I have a strong pesonality, I get oftenly depressed, I can be sometimes unfriendly and a show off, but i have great friends to tell me when i go wrong...I still cannot controll my temper, and some may say I am a very bad person...But i don't know what pepole think of me, because it is none of my concern...But if I realy am a bad person, i like that pepole say it to me directly and i don't like gossip, i think it's stupid...I don't like violence because i don't beleive in such behaviour...But i do beleive in self defence...

My hobbies: i like to listen to music, I like to write poems, and i like to play the violin, and i am teaching my self how to play the piano but it's not easy, i love to sing but unfortunatly i don't have a nice voice...I like to paint and draw, but in my point of view, i don't do it well eather, though my friends say i'm talented but i beleive not...

What i hate: I hate gossip, I hate writting 'I' instead of 'i' because i don't think i(me) am so special to write 'I' with capital, i'd rather prefere to write: 'You' with capital, I hate liers, and most of all...I hate that i hate so many things! !

The languages that i can speak: English, french, arabic(but not very well, because i am half egyptian and half portuguese) i can also speak portuguese(but not very well) a little bit of spanish, and i am trying to learn german and italian, and i hope i could speak chinese one day! !

What i hope to be when i grow up:
I want to be a violinist, or a french teacher because i love kids and babies, or i could be an archeologist!
Or a singer one day but i know that's never gonna happen! ! but i like to keep my hopes up!

After all what you've read you have millions of reasons to hate me, but i am also a good person in my point of view(and i dont deny that i have a dark side in me)

I hope you all like my poems and enjoy them aswell,
and invite me to read Your poems, so i could enjoy them too...
Thankyou for reading my biography
kuji soliman

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Love is something we all wish to find
That feeling, i cannot get off my mind
Anyone can love, the ones who see, the ones who are blind
The love we have for eachother, is what makes us strong
If we all hold hands and love eachother, nothing could ever go wrong!
The ones who are strong and the ones who are week...
in love, they find everything they seek...
the ones who are rich, the ones who are poor....
they can all love...who can ever ask for more...

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