Kyrsten Gaddis

Rookie (10/24/1995 / Mt. Vernon)

Biography of Kyrsten Gaddis

Around four years of age I went to preschool. I had many friends then and still keep in touch 9 years later. Everyday I get this feeling. I can't tell you what feeling exactly, but it's like an urge to help the people who aren't very 'popular'. I can't tell you why. I hang out with them and get to know them better. Whether through writing, running, or even just talking we get along. I have always been embarassed about my writing. Reading it aloud to people embarassed me even more. I've been writing since elementary school, yet I still feel it isn't good. I cannot bring myself to read my writing aloud. To this day I still cannot show anyone my writing. But once I start typing I feel courage and strength. I love to write and would love to be an author. I will write until someone advises me otherwise. Until then, please enjoy my writing and the feeling I put into it.


Kyrsten Gaddis's Works:

I hope to someday publish something. But until then, Enjoy.

-Kyrsten Updates


Mine has eyes
Bluer than the bluest of skies.
The reddest rose tips
are dull compared to Mine's lips.
Mine is there to catch me if I fall.
Like a tree they stand tall.
I love Mine
As much as one can only imagine.
Believe me when I say,
You are mine,
Forever and Today

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