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1. My Life 5/24/2008
2. Real World 5/24/2008
3. Take Care 5/24/2008
4. The Worst Feeling 5/24/2008
5. In A Sudden 5/24/2008
6. Drown 5/24/2008
7. The End 5/24/2008
8. Nothing Could Make Me Forgive Or Forget 5/24/2008
9. You Wont Have The Chance 6/28/2008
10. You Used To Be That Boy 7/9/2008
11. It's Over 7/9/2008
12. I Love You 7/9/2008
13. Love Is Higher Than We Can Reach 7/9/2008
14. Go Away 7/17/2008
15. A Sacrifice 8/23/2008
16. Show Me The Way 8/23/2008
17. Love Story 10/18/2008
18. No Love Without Trust 10/18/2008
19. Keep On Laughing 12/6/2008
20. This Girl Was Me 12/6/2008
21. Words 2/2/2009
22. A Chance 4/17/2009
23. Waiting 5/25/2008
24. Sorry My Love 6/15/2009
25. Your Fate 7/31/2009
26. Sometimes 7/31/2009
27. New Love 5/12/2010
28. Special Case 5/12/2010
29. Forbidden Love 5/12/2010
30. My Love 5/12/2010
31. When I Look At You 5/24/2008
32. Loving You 4/17/2009
33. The Best Days In My Life 5/24/2008
34. Love Can Never Die 6/2/2008
35. You Lost Me 5/24/2008
36. Hard To Believe 5/24/2008
37. Dont Ask Me 5/31/2008
Best Poem of lara arnaout

Dont Ask Me

don’t ask me to forgive because I am trying
don’t believe me If I said I forgave you because I am lying
I said I am ok but inside I am dying

don’t ask me to forget because I am about to lose my memory
Yes I tried to accept your regret and forget
But I ended up that my love to you is a thing you would never get

don’t ask me to love you because I have already did
And what did I get
A broken heart forever

don’t ask me to care because I am thinking to care or not
Because I cared a lot
And I am afraid to get the same end I got

don’t ask me why...

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Real World

why am i afraid
and when i see him i blush red
and his love cant leave my heart or brain
while others treat love as a trade
and his picture cant leave my head

when he leaves i feel like i am in a grave
as if i am the beauty and he is the brave

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