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UPDATE: I have now updated most of my poems with additional notes. So now you have a reason to re-read poems you have already seen. Its like the extras on a DVD!

I try to deliver the goods, so to speak. The reaction I seek from my readers is a smile, a laugh, and maybe saying 'I never thought of it like that before.' I try to be witty and satirical, yet also accessible and fun. My poems are able to be as deep as you like. They can be anything from a cheap laugh to a thoughtful insight into society, and its up to the reader to decide.

I invite you to read one of my poems if you are visiting my page for the first time. I have been writing haiku poetry for ten years. I only recently started writing in free verse. So if my poetry seems like haiku or tanka (another Japanese form) then you know why. Another influence on my writing is geometric proofs. I enjoy starting out with things as they are, then going one step at a time to draw a conclusion about them.

A new series of mine is evolving called 'Everyone.' It is a series which tries to make a social-psychological commentary by pointing out ways we all use language to circumvent or ignore the realities of life. I would especially appreciate comments on that new series.

Science has shown that poets have a unique connection between the imagery part of their brains and the language part. Thus poets are born and not made. So asking someone if they are a real poet is like asking them if their eyes are blue. They are or they aren't. That doesn't mean it doesn't take effort and it doesn't mean you don't have to keep improving.

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I have been published in Frogpond: The Journal of the Haiku Society of America and Haiku Headlines. Updates

On The Rebound

When love's been busted
your heart can't be trusted

You fall in love one day
and out of love the next.

Then repeat the process over
because you're a Rebounder.

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