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My advice to anyone reading one of my poems: read it so quickly as you can the first time through. Since I write in a rush, my melody will become most evident if you read in a rush.

I have a web site,, which contains more of my recent poems than the 50 I leave up here. I refresh this site every other month.

Alas, I must add this: if you write to me asking me to read your poems, I may, but I will not comment on them. I am very sick of numbers hogs who troll through a day's list of contributing poets, and ask each one to read his or her poem. If you write well, someone may notice and comment. If you browbeat people into reading your poetry, the comments you receive are worth nothing.

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I am hungry, dear. I have to leave.
I saw you months ago, and thought
You needed food. I fed you love,
But you have given none to me. I don't
Know if you even tried. Your silence
Stands, stern maitre d, before the
Swinging kitchen doors, and every
Plate which issues from it shows
Up clean when brought to me.

[Hata Bildir]