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Whatz up...My name is Nykia, most call me kia...Best friends call Lil.Mz, Boo Thang.My b-day is 04-25-_.I have a big brother, a big sister, and a 2y/o baby sister that i call my own...I love them so much and will do anything for them(anything) ! ! ! I AM BI(if you got a problem with what) and single(not for long) ...but get at me if you want to get to no me more...

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Now That You Hurt Me...

Now that you hurt me...
What do i do?
Whos goin to love me? ! ? !
Why did you do this to me? ! ? !
You told me that i was yo everything! ! !
I guess i was nothin after all! ! !
What do i do now that you hurt me? ! ? !

Now that you hurt me...

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