Linda Racaniello

Rookie (1966 / florida)

Linda Racaniello Poems

1. A Garden Just For You 2/26/2008
2. Marrying The Devil 2/26/2008
3. His First Time 2/26/2008
4. Reflections 2/26/2008
5. I Had To Leave Him... 2/26/2008
6. Less Than Human 3/20/2008
7. Little Girl Left Alone 3/20/2008
8. Mary's Suicide 3/20/2008
9. The Bottom Line 3/26/2008
10. Mirror, Mirror 3/30/2008
11. A Baby Just Like You 4/20/2008
12. Until There Was You 4/20/2008
13. Born Fat 4/21/2008
14. Facing Prison Again (Taking Off From Born Fat) 5/10/2008
15. No Baby Like You In My Future 5/10/2008
16. Sin Is In 3/20/2008
17. My Stubborn Pride 3/20/2008
18. Just A Mirror On The Wall 3/20/2008
19. To Have A Baby Just Like You 3/24/2008
20. Whole Lotta Sin 3/24/2008
21. Not Going To Prison 6/10/2008
22. Just Another Day 8/4/2008
23. As Time Goes By 8/6/2008
24. Getting Locked Up 8/7/2008
25. When I Was A Child 8/10/2008
26. Busted Yet Again 8/10/2008
27. I'M Useless To Even Try 8/10/2008
28. Don'T Let Them Demons Return 8/11/2008
29. Reworded 'My Crack Addiction' 8/14/2008
30. When The Pain Is Just Too Much 8/16/2008
31. The Tale Of Midnight & Me 8/17/2008
32. Where My Dreams Take Me... 8/17/2008
33. You Left Us 8/22/2008
34. When Innocence Doesn'T Matter 8/22/2008
35. As Love Dies 8/23/2008
36. The Blood Of A Thousand Demons 8/23/2008
37. Online Lovers 8/23/2008
38. Online Love (Edited And Changed) 8/25/2008
39. Can'T Wait To See Him In Hell 8/25/2008
40. When You Left Her 8/26/2008
Best Poem of Linda Racaniello

The Crossroads Between Heaven & Hell

Listening to the symphony of sounds from my cell
I'm at the crossroads between heaven and hell

Remembering back through all of those years
the laughter, the pain and so many tears

Skipped through childhood, danced through teens
loved and cried in our twenties; had kids in between

The depression of life had me shivering in fear
wishing I was invisible or could just disappear

No more pretending to be something I'm not,
as I summon the courage that time has forgot

I've gathered my strength; pulled together my rage
put my life down in...

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Marrying The Devil

There's a demon in black standing in the shadows of my room
he slithers across the bloody walls in the darkness speading his doom
Touching my forehead as if to bring me comfort, he lingering at my bedside
He watches me languishingly as his evil powers take me for a ride

We are standing before the preacher of darkness as we clasp hands
I try to scream only to awaken and find myself stuck in deepest of sand
after the preacher has completed our vows and the demon turns to me
He holding me

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