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Linda Winchell poet

I was born on the South side of Chicago in the forties.

I am now married and living on a farm in a small town in Concord Michigan. Was many things growing up, but have always been passionate about writing poetry and childrens' books and the love of God.
I love animals and nature and as you can see in my Poetry, they are some of my inspiration. No spell check on this site, maybe they need to put one on it?
I love to bake and cook and clean. And power walking and walks in the woods keep me healthy. I do not smoke or drink, but love to dance! I love to joke around and sing too. I pray for all the world. And if this includes you, GREAT! 'Thank you God! ' May God bless you and all of your days be filled with sunshine and the Love of life. It is all we have! One Day at a time!

God's Servant, Linda Winchell

Linda Winchell's Works:

Writers' Of Jackson County. Submited work. Updates

' My Friend Doodle'

I have a little Rooster; his name is; 'Doodle Boy.'
He follows me all around the yard
And brings me so much joy!

When I tell him that he's pretty
He spreads his wings out wide.
I wish he lived in my room,
But Mom say's, 'He has to stay outside! '

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