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Well my name is lisa, I guess.
I have 2 brothers name ericc and amaletto.
Now. I live in North america, Not australia, I know my profile thing said i was born in Australia which im not. x.x Anyways.. Im 11 years old. I guess, My birthday is in September 12,2011.
My dad died when i was 9-10 Years old.
Im a 5th Grade Student, At Ben Martin Elementary School, And yes i acutally do love someone, (x. I was born at North Carolina. (Which i live now) I was born with a happy family that always fight. Just kidding at the last part. xD! Anyways im Native America, My favorite animal is: Wolves. (x
My favortie color: Blue, Black, Red, And purple.
My favorite movies: Alpha and omega, Elfen lied, Wolfs rain, Red riding hood, Twilight.
My favorite Video games: All the guitar heros, All the halo games, Modern warfare: 2&3.
And i guess thats it. (:
Anymore questions? Inbox i guess.
Bye! (:

Lisa Chicharello's Works:

I dont write books. T_T Updates

Before It's Too Late

I sit here on this Earth
Making sure my Friends are doing well
When I'm not doing so well myself
I use Friends like a tool
Using them as Shields
Just so I can hide my Feelings
If I'm hurt
I don't want my Friends to be concern about me
Everyone seems to be living Life

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