Lisa French

Rookie (Born: 1994)

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  • Tina Marie Clark (4/14/2009 9:56:00 PM)

    I'm Here Friend!

    I'll Over Come

    To you I may seem very weak

    yet inside my soul you see is

    a plate made of steel, from

    that plate my soul shall heal

    sometimes life seems so unfair

    as if no one really cares if I

    win or lose, it's really up to me

    to choose, day turn into to night

    slow, I wonder which way should

    I go, left, right, which way is safe?

    dear Lord give us our daily bread

    when it's all said and done

    ' I'll Over Come '

    POET: Tina Marie Clark

    Copyright: 1993

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Too Much Misery

I live a life of misery and hate
I dream of being loved and safe
Hurt. pain, guilt, shame
With no one other than me to blame

Covering it up acting like nothings wrong
Trying to fit in trying to belong
It has never worked it never will
Too much emptiness too much to fill

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