Treasure Island

Louis Borgo

(01-06-1988 / shelby)

Biography of Louis Borgo

shelby, nc
I' am poet with autism and dyslexia so psl forgive the grammar I will go back and edited at some point
I gradated from cleveland community college working on rank top 10% of community colleges.

written in between class trying to put together a book together.

it's 2015 I will be edition and adding side story to it add up to 140 poems this is a hobbie I been doing six or seven years I would be focusing on other agenda in a year so cause poets don't get pay a lot but still I enjoy it. It will be 9 to 10 years that I star and finish since 19. I believe poetry is a way to connection worldwide with views and understanding of others.

thanks for the comments and reviews and if you request a read i'll be glad to review.

this poems are just not poems but a story of my life so just something about when this call biography.

start at 19 by accident, i was sleep post one got a ten and kept written, god works in mysteries way trust me! ! ! !

Louis Borgo's Works:

To Palp A Vow Of Silence 7/31/14 Updates

Humble words

thoughts of crowing joy
in body the soul,
but wait there's more...
pasting of measure, feet taping,
but yet sapping, on the
there of sapping, hungry of just not knowing
that is the word of being humble...
the mystery of blending the
squrriel nut tree at the

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