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I`ve been writing poetry for many years and every single day I get deeper and deeper into it. Of the so many styles of poetry I have managed to write there are sonnets, songs, children`s verses, haikus, blank verse, free verse.

Poetry is the language of the mind of the soul and the most compact form of expression.

Luis Estable's Works:

I have published a book of spanish poems titled " 30 Poemas Sentidos para mi madre muerta." If you would like a copy, go to Barnes and Nobel, or to and type my name: Luis Estable, or the name of the book, and you will see. Please, I would be more than graceful if you could pass the word around, and if you purchase a book you would make me quite happy and much thanks goes to you. This is for all those who can read spanish. You would like this book. The poems are heart- felt.


Luis Estable

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Luis EStable

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Sonnet # 1

I hope in a big fantasy or dream
To turn my blood to fire to write great verse
And then through all my body to have a stream
Of passion bigger than the universe.
But if it never happens and I cry
Of sadness deep and pain a good great deal,
I want to love the rose, the butterfly
As if they were my heart`s good sacred meal.
I hope with all my heart to have this thing,

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