Treasure Island

Luke Nicholson

[L.R Nicholson]

Poems of Luke Nicholson

1. Dot. 4/8/2013
2. Gathering. 4/8/2013
3. I know an American girl. 4/8/2013
4. My Brothers Playground. 4/8/2013
5. Succint. 4/8/2013
6. The Bell. 4/8/2013
7. The King is Dead. 4/8/2013
8. The Mother of Wine and Grace. 4/8/2013
9. The Navigator. 4/8/2013

My Brothers Playground.

You swing back and forth.


Echoes built upon silence.

Bright spring through my fingers, it’s a key component of sensuality you know. The window in one peripheral, blank white wall in the other, your shadow walks out the door without even saying goodbye.

You swing back and forth.

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