Maddie 'Rae' Berry

Rookie (30/3/92 / Eastwood, Sydney)

Biography of Maddie 'Rae' Berry

Weird.insane.quiet.loopy. That's me, my writing, my pain in a nutshell. Why I do what I do; I write because many aspects of life inspire and enthral me. Although I am but a casual observer in the world, I long for a creative outlet. Writing gives me freedom, peace of mind and all that jazz. That's what I wish, to give to others how I feel and what I think...And that's about it. Updates

I Will Never Show

I love him more and more each day for he is perfect in every way.
Though I’ll never show my feelings on public display,
for I don't know what I would say would he walk away?
Or say he feels the same way?

Each day, I try to run away and forget my harboured feelings for him.
For he is my weakness, that lies within me oh.
If only he could see,
he is my obsession, my world but I could never tell him so.

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