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42 years of trekking on this earth,
Point A to Point B in an emotional journey.....through life..Till The 'C' of change, chance and choice challenged my life in this poetic swirl!

A teacher turned wife and mom.
young at heart, turn to art....
New to poetry......
A launch pad to fledglings of mine....
have logged in to experiment, explore.....
as i turn the pages of a regular life book!

Shall we share poetry here and from differing views
I for one believe art grows with criticism! ! !
So viewer's go right ahead and let your hearts speak the truth......and read and rate my work! !
I shall all!

It is perhaps a struggle to bring top quality into my work.....the farther the vision...the greater the effort......

-' Love is not what you fall for; it is what you stand for- And only True Love, Mindfulness and unconditional service to humanity can make this life worth-living for eternity.” this is what poetry and life has taught me today...... and for always.
Have a good day! Updates


Hope is that candle
That burns all negativity
Adds life to the sick
A sparkle to the eyes of the children
The special charm to the teenager
A life to the life of another
When with conviction
Hope is displayed
Like the God sent rainbow

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