Mao Zedong

Mao Zedong Poems

1. The People's Liberation Army Captures Nanking 8/10/2012
2. The Warlords Clash 8/10/2012
3. Yellow Crane Tower 8/10/2012
4. The Fairy Cave Inscription On A Picture Taken By Comrade Li Chin 8/10/2012
5. Three Short Poems 8/10/2012
6. The Long March 8/10/2012
7. Two Birds : A Dialogue 8/10/2012
8. Winter Clouds 8/10/2012
9. Reply To Li Shu-Yi 8/10/2012
10. Shaoshan Revisited 8/10/2012
11. Mount Liupan 8/10/2012
12. Reply To Mr. Liu Ya-Tzu 8/10/2012
13. The Double Ninth 8/10/2012
14. New Year's Day 8/10/2012
15. March From Tingchow To Changsha 8/10/2012
16. Tapoti 8/10/2012
17. Ascent Of Lushan 8/10/2012
18. Peitaiho 8/10/2012
19. Huichang 8/10/2012
20. Reply To A Friend 8/10/2012
21. Loushan Pass 8/10/2012
22. Chingkangshan 8/10/2012
23. Against The First Encirclement Campaign 8/10/2012
24. Reply To Comrade Kuo Mo-Jo 8/10/2012
25. Reascending Chingkangshan 8/10/2012
26. Farewell To The God Of Plague 8/10/2012
27. Reply To Comrade Kuo Mo-Jo 8/10/2012
28. Kunlun 8/10/2012
29. Militia Women Inscription On A Photograph 8/10/2012
30. Swimming 8/10/2012
31. Snow 8/10/2012
32. Ode To The Plum Blossom 8/10/2012
33. Changsha 8/10/2012
Best Poem of Mao Zedong


Alone I stand in the autumn cold
On the tip of Orange Island,
The Hsiang flowing northward;
I see a thousand hills crimsoned through
By their serried woods deep-dyed,
And a hundred barges vying
Over crystal blue waters.
Eagles cleave the air,
Fish glide in the limpid deep;
Under freezing skies a million creatures contend in freedom.
Brooding over this immensity,
I ask, on this boundless land
Who rules over man's destiny?

I was here with a throng of companions,
Vivid yet those crowded months and years.
Young we were, schoolmates, ...

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The Double Ninth

Man ages all too easily, not Nature:
Year by year the Double Ninth returns.
On this Double Ninth,
The yellow blooms on the battlefield smell sweeter.

Each year the autumn wind blows fierce,
Unlike spring's splendour,
Yet surpassing spring's splendour,
See the endless expanse of frosty sky and water.

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