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1481. War Of Words 12/1/2008
1482. War Solace 8/3/2008
1483. War Within 7/21/2011
1484. Warna Cinta 2/25/2011
1485. Warning 10/18/2010
1486. Wavering 8/22/2011
1487. We Don'T Talk About Summer 7/31/2015
1488. We Never Learn 8/5/2012
1489. Wedding And Funeral 2/5/2007
1490. Welcoming 8/29/2011
1491. What Actually Runs In Our Veins? 8/30/2010
1492. What If 6/16/2011
1493. Wheel Of Fortune 4/6/2011
1494. When Childhood Dies, Its Corpses Are Called..? 3/24/2009
1495. When Ears Don'T Listen And Eyes Don'T See 1/28/2009
1496. When I Die 9/24/2008
1497. When I'M Sick 10/4/2014
1498. When Love Is No More 7/25/2012
1499. When We Say Goodbye 7/13/2009
1500. Where Are They Hiding? 6/7/2011
1501. Where Are We Among People? 7/2/2012
1502. Where Does Love Come From? 11/21/2009
1503. Where Is The River? 12/4/2012
1504. Where Is Your Faith? 1/17/2011
1505. Where? 7/7/2011
1506. Who Am I To Complaint? 11/26/2012
1507. Who Is It? 11/8/2010
1508. Who Is The Girl? 2/22/2011
1509. Why A Genius Is So Rare? 2/7/2012
1510. Why Do You Hate Mary Sue? 11/15/2014
1511. Why Elf Sleeps With Open Eyes 12/8/2009
1512. Why I Am A Hopeful One 5/15/2008
1513. Why Is Word Important? 7/21/2011
1514. Why Should We Do To Not Be Caught By Wind? 2/19/2010
1515. Why Should We Only Wait A Promise? 6/14/2010
1516. Wild Lover 6/7/2014
1517. Will You Wait For Me? 8/24/2010
1518. Wind Grave 9/20/2007
1519. Windmill 7/6/2009
1520. Wish 10/2/2009
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On Tears Lonely Lonely Cry

On tears lonely lonely cry
You always shade on my mind
Even you had flied away
Left me alone in the night

On tears lonely lonely cry
No one can take that place
My first love you have to know
You’ve never gone in my heart

Oh why, oh why
I can’t forget your kiss goodbye
I want crying to you
Bring this pain from my life

On tears lonely lonely cry
My first love you have to know
The memory was closed
In my broken lonely heart

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Song Of The Sky

I can’t forget
That I’ve always wished for the morning sky
That I wanted the star of the night sky
That the sun came and shed light on me
That the rain came and washed away my sadness
In the beginning
As well as the end
The blue sky like you
Keeps tears of both happiness and sorrow

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