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Hi! I'm Mariam Taufeeq! I'm in the ninth grade. I've always hoped to venture out into the deeps of this world and tread on those paths nobody has ever walked on before; to create my own path and weave an intricate web of my thoughts, keeping it safe in a jar, all penned down..... Poetry's always been a sort of passion to me, although I'm nothing but an amateur to it! I love to bring my feelings to life on the page, not just in poetry or prose, but in art. There's just so much about the world you can talk about, or depict the way you see things! I also find that instead of keeping temper bottled up, writing how you feel (And tearing the page up after) helps you MASSES. And that's the thing for me. I also blog when I have the time on http: //
In all steps of life, instilling a smidge of fun and laughter never hurts, but the moment evolves into something you'll want to remember! I want to do that. I also have a number of 'goals'-and yes, it would take ages too name them all. Let's just say that learning to grow up is one of them......! My fictionpress is http: // and my On Parables is http: // id=309 Updates

A Thousand Miles Away

The crickets indulge in nocturnal melody
And the wind seems to be murmuring secrets;
And the world is still and at peace.
But somewhere, out there, far from here,
Lingering remnants of war, ashes and abhorrence
Play havoc with the hearts of the innocent.
Their homes are mere shells, and the night
Is cold, and forbidding, and dark.
The air reeks of betrayal and treachery

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