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1. The Faith 9/17/2009
2. Where Am I? 9/17/2009
3. Put All Your Problems Behind Your Back 9/17/2009
4. Only Hope 9/17/2009
5. Do You Remember1 9/17/2009
6. ****** * Love Is Gone* ******** 9/17/2009
7. My Dreams 9/17/2009
8. My Only Poem 9/18/2009
9. You Always In My Mind 9/18/2009
10. The End Of The Earth Is Coming 9/18/2009
11. The Christmas Tree 9/19/2009
12. The Meaning Of Love 9/17/2009
13. My Sweet16 9/17/2009
14. I Hide My Face 9/17/2009
15. What's The Meaning Of Friend? 9/17/2009
16. My Friend Is My Right Hand 9/17/2009
17. My Black Life 9/17/2009
18. I Get You Out Of My Mind 9/19/2009
19. Back To School 9/21/2009
20. Race In Days 9/22/2009
21. What Can I Do? 11/17/2009
22. Happiness 11/17/2009
23. Keep Climbing..... 12/30/2009
24. _~_~memories_~_~ 12/31/2009
25. The Days Are Too Long 12/31/2009
26. New Year Eve 12/31/2009
27. Where's My Self? ? 12/31/2009
28. The Clock 1/1/2010
29. Answer Me 1/17/2010
30. Truth 1/17/2010
31. Friends? 1/17/2010
32. Till When? 1/19/2010
33. Everyday 1/19/2010
34. The Wind 2/1/2010
35. Your Imagination Is Your Your Spirit 2/3/2010
36. ~~~isen'T That Funny~~~ 10/18/2009
37. Our Smile Days 10/18/2009
38. Why...Be Sad? ? 10/29/2009
39. I'M Screaming And No One Hear Me 2/5/2010
40. Valentine's Day 2/6/2010
Best Poem of marie armany


its a magical word you can say it
you feel it but you can't describe it
every best friends promise
each other
but friends is a true so truthly love
between friends like the moon and the sun
everyone has a friend a best friend
this friend like his self his notes
his diary everyday wrote a chapter
from his life in it

i know that this poem is just some words
but i wrote it for only one raison
do you know it is?
cuz i know that these gonna to enter
to directly from the heart to the heart
cuz its from the heart............till ...

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I Hide My Face

i always been a girl that hide my face from the world
but i tierd from this but i have this dream have it inside of me
to tell the world what i ve'get to say that this is real me i was must to be like that from the first

you must to be with your real personality do you know what it like
like feel someone in the dark dreaming about the light
but this dream is to far away

(you get to belive in your self to tell the world youreal personality you must to have nerve)

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