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Poems of Marissa Liebowitz

1. Chicago 7/6/2013
2. Humanity 3/30/2013
3. I Am Now Alone 6/21/2013
4. Ignorance 5/5/2013
5. Land of Make-Believe 3/30/2013
6. Lies 3/29/2013
7. Saddness In The Public Eye 6/21/2013
8. Secret Names 4/2/2013
9. The Smiling Haiku 6/21/2013

Land of Make-Believe

I like to sit alone sometimes
In my land of make-believe
As whimsical fantasies cloud my head
Its my escape from reality

I remanice on better days
And I wish i could go back there
But now I have wasted my life away
And I never really cared

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