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Biography of Mark Normand

Writing is what I do to keep myself sane while life goes on around me. I never would have imagined that I might enjoy writing poems.I have only just recently started to write. Almost everything I have written I have done in the last 5 years or so I guess.I know writing really takes a lot of negative emotion away from me that I used to bottle up inside.It isn't healthy to the hold bad experiences in and it isn't polite to complain about them all day either. So I write and I can find some level of peace as I write. It has changed me for the better.I don't get as angry or upset any more about things others do.
People often comment on my poems and tell me they hope I feel better or that I need to move on to another girl or to talk to someone about my problems. I know a lot of what I have posted tends to be dark and has to do with heart break and pain, but I am fine. I am happy and although I have lived through everything I have written about at some point in life, I have survived and it helps to write about pain so I can learn how to avoid it as much as possible. All of us go through dark times in life and for now it seems to be what I have felt led to write about.The words seem to flow as I move my fingers on the key board. I don't sit down and try to think of some subject to write about.I just let the words flow and the results of this method are a lot of the poems I have posted. I would like to write more happy poems, but to plan what I will write doesn't work for me at this time. I suppose my style will change some as I keep writing. I can't say how it might change if it does, all I know is writing poems to please others is a foolish thing to do.I write for myself, it is an important release for me that I use often.I know people are very hard to please so I don't try, I just write. I enjoy it if people say they like what I write but that doesn't happen very often I don't expect it to happen either and it is not why I write.I would love it if my writing helped people but that is not why I write.I write because I have to and because it is one of the few things in this world that I enjoy doing. Updates


Today just like so many days I waste away to nothing.
Standing here, frozen by fear, I feel I must do something.
The light within has grown so dim; the sunshine of my being.
A cold grey darkness fills my soul; an empty lifeless feeling.
I try to smile and lift my eyes and think a happy thought.
My thinking is dead and I find instead; all happiness is lost.
Where is the life I had as a child the happy free existence?
Gone away, leaving me to face life where hope seems missing.

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