Mark R. Elias

Biography of Mark R. Elias

Hobbyist versifier from South Wales, UK

A world away from all the things
That keep us in the world,
I show my heart, now that my wings
I’ve timidly unfurled.

And from that heart I offer you
A prayer, a song, a rhyme,
And hope I stir in your heart too
The sacred and sublime. Updates

At A Pauper's Grave

Borne of the earth, return you now to earth.
Return you, yes, to welcome in the seed,
To sing the mighty flower into birth,
And green the grass for all its holy worth.
Your song's as good as anyone's. Indeed,
While you've no angel carved, no monument,
No lurid lasting testament to greed,
No sacred words some mason's hands to bleed,
You've soil to share, having known the same descent

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