Treasure Island

Mark R Slaughter

Biography of Mark R Slaughter

Mark R. Slaughter is a biological scientist who took up poetry to challenge his written skills. He has undertaken numerous commissions and collaborative projects (see his website Poem Crypt for more details) , including 'Liquid Rooms' for orchestra and soprano by Karsten Fundal, and 'Death of Leaves', a song cycle for soprano and orchestra by Nicholas Anthony Ascioti. In march 2014 'Lonely Life' was recited on the BBC by Mark Benson as an introduction to a documentary on loneliness. Further poems such as Marriage and Spring are featured in his pages on the 'Poets Pages' website. Updates


Your intellect humbles with shattering blow!
Omnipotent, you are at one with the world.
There's no need to seek, as you already know:
Explained, reconciled, all so neatly unfurled.

Those complex equations are pliable toys,
And yours just to play with and loosen your mind.
Hypotheses and theories are also your boys -
In your world, together, all cosily enshrined.

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