Martin Carter

(1927-1997 / Guyana)

Poems of Martin Carter

1. Bare Night Without Comfort 12/23/2007
2. Do Not Stare at Me 12/23/2007
3. For Angela Davis 12/23/2007
4. I Come from the Nigger Yard 12/23/2007
5. Not I With This Torn Shirt 12/23/2007
6. On a Child Killed by a Motor Car 12/23/2007
7. Playing Militia 12/23/2007
8. Shines the Beauty of My Darling 12/23/2007
9. This is the dark time, my love 12/23/2007
10. University of Hunger 12/23/2007

University of Hunger

is the university of hunger the wide waste.
is the pilgrimage of man the long march.
The print of hunger wanders in the land.
The green tree bends above the long forgotten.
The plains of life rise up and fall in spasms.
The huts of men are fused in misery.

They come treading in the hoofmarks of the mule
passing the ancient bridge

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