Mary Barber

(1690-1757 / England)

Mary Barber Poems

1. To Mrs. Ward. By The Same. 4/20/2010
2. To The Right Honourable The Lady Elizabeth Boyle On Her Birth—day 4/20/2010
3. Verses Occasion'D By The Sickness Of Mrs. Anne Donnellan. 4/20/2010
4. To A Lady In The Spleen 4/20/2010
5. Written At Camberwell, Near London, In The Study Of Mr. Wainwright 4/20/2010
6. Totthe Right Honourable The Lady Elizabeth Germain, Upon Seeing Her Do A Generous Action. 4/20/2010
7. Written For My Son, Upon Lady Santry's Coming To School, To See Her Son, And Getting The Scholars A Play--Day. 4/20/2010
8. Written For My Son 4/20/2010
9. Written For My Son In His Sickness, To One Of His School Fellows. 4/20/2010
10. Written For My Son To His Master, On The Anniversary Of The Battle Of The Boyne. 4/20/2010
11. Written At Tunbridge—wells, To The Right Honourable The Lady Barbara North 4/20/2010
12. To Her Grace The Dutchess Of Manchester, And Lady Diana Spencer 4/20/2010
13. To Mr. Rose; 4/20/2010
14. Written In The Conclusion Of A Letter To Mr. Tickel, 4/20/2010
15. To The Right Honourable The Lady Elizabeth Brownlow, 4/20/2010
16. To Mrs. Frances--Arabella Kelly, With A Present Of Fruit. 4/20/2010
17. To The Right Hon. The Earl Of Orrery, On His Promise To Sup With The Author. 4/20/2010
18. To The Right Honourable The Lady Kilmorey 4/20/2010
19. Newsffrom St. James's. 4/20/2010
20. To His Grace The Duke Of Buckingham And Normanby, At The Camp Before Philipsburgh. 4/20/2010
21. On The Earl Of Oxford And Mortimer's Giving His Daughter In Marriage In Oxford--Chapel. 4/20/2010
22. To The Right Honourable The Lady Sarah Cowper. 4/20/2010
23. Upon Seeing A Raffle For Addison's Works Unfill'D. 4/20/2010
24. To The Honourable Mrs. Spencer, On Her Removing From Windsor To Rookly In Hampshire. 4/20/2010
25. Written From Dublin, To A Lady In The Country. 4/20/2010
26. The Peacock. 4/20/2010
27. The Reverend Dr. L---. 4/20/2010
28. To A Gentleman 4/20/2010
29. To Lady H---R, 4/20/2010
30. To Alexander Pope, Esq. 4/20/2010
31. To A Lady Who Was Libell'D. 4/20/2010
32. Written For My Son ... At His First Putting On Breeches 5/8/2001
33. Written For My Son, And Spoken By Him, At A Public Examination For Victors. 4/20/2010
34. To Novella 4/20/2010
35. To Mrs. Anne Donnellan, With The Fourth Essay On Man 4/20/2010
36. To Mrs. Armine Cartwright, At Bath. 4/20/2010
37. To Robert Barber Esq; Deputy To The Treasurer's Remembrancer In The Court Of Exchequer 4/20/2010
38. To Sophronia. 4/20/2010
39. To The Right Honble. The Lady Dowager Torrington, 4/20/2010
40. To Mrs. Caesar, At The Speaker's Lodgings At Bath. 4/20/2010
Best Poem of Mary Barber

An Unanswerable Apology For The Rich.

All--bounteous Heav'n, Castalio cries,
With bended Knees, and lifted Eyes,
When shall I have the Pow'r to bless,
And raise up Merit in Distress?

How do our Hearts deceive us here!
He gets ten thousand Pounds a Year.
With this the pious Youth is able
To build, and plant, and keep a Table.
But then the Poor he must not treat:
Who asks the Wretch, that wants to eat?
Alas! to ease their Woes he wishes;
But cannot live without Ten Dishes:
Tho' Six would serve as well, 'tis true;
But one must live, as others do.
He now feels Wants unknown ...

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An Hymn To Sleep.

Written when the Author was sick.
Somnus, pow'rful Deity,
Mortals owe their Bliss to thee.
How long shall I thy Absence mourn,
And when be bless'd in thy Return?
Relentless God! why will you flee,
And take Delight to torture me:
Or do you kindly flight my Pray'r,
To make me for my Change prepare?

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