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Mary Elizabeth Coleridge

(23 September 1861 – 25 August 1907)

Poems of Mary Elizabeth Coleridge

21. The Other Side of a Mirror 1/1/2004
22. The Train 4/1/2010
23. The Witch 1/1/2004
24. To Memory 12/31/2002
25. Unwelcome 1/1/2004
26. Vale` - Egypt's Might is Tumbled Down 4/1/2010
27. We Never Said Farewell 1/1/2004
28. When my love did what I would not, what I would not 12/31/2002
29. Where a Roman Villa Stood, Above Freiburg 4/1/2010


O LET me be in loving nice,
Dainty, fine, and o’er precise,
That I may charm my charmàd dear
As tho’ I felt a secret fear
To lose what never can be lost,—
Her faith who still delights me most!
So shall I be more than true,
Ever in my ageing new.
So dull habit shall not be
Wrongly call’d Fidelity.

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