Mary Louise Mann Gabumpa

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Biography of Mary Louise Mann Gabumpa

Mary Louise Mann Gabumpa poet

Mary louise Mann Gabumpa loves to read books, even listening to podcasts' talk and preachings.. likes to write down all the thoughts, prayers, and even all things revealed through prayers and all that contemplated during quite time... it started as a diary when was 10 and shifted to a journal-type of writings.. got two sons, Kamiko and Karl.. just hapend to stumble over this site and loving it so much. Poems are like songs at the very core of each person's heart with the rhythms of life and the melody of our response to life.

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What Matters Most

A good name or great riches;
To be esteemed or silver or gold;
To be poor or a liar;
To do what is right and just or sacrifice;
A dry crust with peace and quite or a house full of feasting with strife;
A patient man or a warrior;
Who controls his temper or one who takes a city;
To have a little with righteousness or a much gain with injustice;
To be lowly in spirit and among the oppressed or to share plunder with the proud;

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