Mary Wroth

(1587-1651 / England)

Biography of Mary Wroth

Lady Mary Wroth (1587–1651/3) was an English poet of the Renaissance. A member of a distinguished literary English family, Wroth was among the first female British writers to have achieved an enduring reputation. She is perhaps best known for having written The Countesse of Mountgomeries Urania, the first extant prose romance by an English woman, and for Pamphilia to Amphilanthus, the first known sonnet sequence by an English woman. Updates


You endlesse torments that my rest opresse,
How long will you delight in my sad paine?
Will never Love your favour more expresse?
Shall I still live, and euer feele disdaine?
Alasse now stay, and let my griefe obtaine
Some end; feede not my heart with sharpe distresse:
Let me once see my cruell fortunes gaine,
At least release, and long-felt woes redresse.
Let not the blame of cruelty disgrace

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