Treasure Island

matt dahan

Poems of matt dahan

1. Each word 7/8/2008
2. I cried a million tears 7/8/2008
3. It hits you faster 7/8/2008
4. I'ts crazy 7/8/2008
5. Just because i was wrong 7/8/2008
6. My life 7/8/2008
7. Respect 7/8/2008
8. when everything goes wrong 7/8/2008
9. when its out of control 7/8/2008

It hits you faster

It hits u faster then a bullet
With more force then a bomb
It’s like nothing you’ve ever felt but why is it all gone?
It’s so weird to feel so good but ive never felt this way before.
U make me smile even when im down
U keep warm even when its cold
You’re almost as important as the beat of my soul.
But what am I supposed to do when there no reason to live.
When my time comes to say a prayer you’re the one ill be praying to

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