Matthias Pantaleon

Freshman - 694 Points (August 24,1984 / Oronija Island, Nigeria)

Biography of Matthias Pantaleon

Matthias Pantaleon poet

Matthias Pantaleon (born August 24,1984) is a Nigerian contemporary poet, lyricist and playwright of Ijaw descent from Andoni, Rivers State. He is considered the most consistent contemporary creative writer of modern African literature spanning over two decades.

Early life:
Born of Andoni parentage in Oronija Island to the Unama Royal House of Agana and Etete War Canoe House of Okolo-Ile, Andoni, Rivers State. He was raised in both Creek Road and Borokiri areas of Port Harcourt.

The fourth in a family of seven. His father was a veteran in the Mobile Police Force (Squadron Number 5, Benin City) and retired as an Assistant Superintendent of Police, after 35 years of meritorious service.

Raised as a Roman Catholic, Pantaleon was baptised at St. Michael de Archangel Parish, Nnewi, in 1999, and completes the process of initiation into the Christian community through the Sacrament of Confirmation.
Upon receiving confirmation in 2000 he adopted Collins as an additional confirmation name
This sacrament is called Confirmation because the faith given in Baptism is now confirmed and made strong. Sometimes, those who benefit from Confirmation are referred to as soldiers of Christ.

Educated at State School II, Churchill, Port Harcourt, OUCS Nnewi, Nnewi High School Nnewi, and Meu Victory College Idimu, Lagos. He received a National Diploma in Mass Communication from Lagos State Polytechnic, Ikorodu, Nigeria, in 2014; during his education, he published two books; Misunderstood (2012) and Journey to the Unknown (2014) .

In 2006, Vanguard's Arts Editor, McPhillips Nwachukwu first gave Pantaleon the encouragement that horned his literary career. After his encounter with the Editor, it took him another six years to publish his poetry collections " Misunderstood" , this was followed by a couple of dramas, ten-minute plays and poetry videos published by Poetry Art Studio/Willow Walker. He has written songs for Trinidad and Tobago artist Jay Starzz, co-write songs for Nigerian gospel singer Forerunner and R&B sensation Timikene Awusu.
In 2014, The Newswatch published " Executive Shame" , Pantaleon's first political poem in many years. Again, Journey to the Unknown (drama) was published to much critical acclaim. Followed closely by Mudiaga (a one-act play) , which was later published in 2015.

Literary works written by Pantaleon between 2001-2009 were destroyed sometime in 2010 by his ex girlfriend, Glory. In 2015, an embittered Glory had sent a text message to him saying " I did what I did because I know we don't have future together. As for your books, I gave them to children to use as toilet papers."
Among those unpublished manuscripts that were destroyed by Glory, in 2010; includes:
1. Cindino Marandino (Novel)
2. Owaji (Play)
3. Last Mayor of Port Harcourt (Novel)
4. Southern Hospitality (Poetry)
5. Dorisabel (Play)
6. Pirates of Andoni Island (Poetry)
7. Dead Dream (Play)
8. A Day Too Many (Public Diary)
9. The Intellectual Property (Philosophical reasoning)

Matthias Pantaleon's Works:

Misunderstood 2012
Journey to the Unknown 2014
The Crown Prince (A collection of plays) 2015 Updates

The Sonnet

Dear brother, sister, can you see the light
Or is it only darkness you can view
A wretched ship that sails into the night
With only ghosts aboard to serve as crew
Each time you wish me ill or show your hate
I'll love you more by gift of God's own grace
And gain the riches born of future's fate
While you will simply add to your disgrace
My mind will flourish like abiding sea

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