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Maverick Jones Poems

1. Time To Rise 7/10/2014
2. Not Slowing Down 7/10/2014
3. Writers Block 7/10/2014
4. Ice Cold River 7/10/2014
5. Country Till I Die 7/10/2014
6. Breaking Free 7/10/2014
7. Killer In The Shadows 7/10/2014
8. Ocean 7/10/2014
9. Train To Nowhere 7/11/2014
10. Rewrite Your Story 7/11/2014
11. Messengers 7/11/2014
12. Drown 7/11/2014
13. The Outcast 7/11/2014
14. My Pack 7/10/2014
15. The Men Of War 7/11/2014
16. Safe Haven 7/11/2014
17. Losing My Mind 7/11/2014
18. Your Shot, Your Time 7/11/2014
19. Born Country 7/13/2014
20. Rise Of The Fallen 7/13/2014
21. Wolves Of Chaos 7/13/2014
22. Your Moment 7/13/2014
23. Battle Ready 7/13/2014
24. Gone 7/13/2014
25. Uphill Fight 7/14/2014
26. Awaiting For Battle 7/14/2014
27. Madness Is Addictive 8/17/2014
28. Where Is The Honor? 7/10/2014
29. Children Of The Night 7/10/2014
30. Walking Away Strong 7/11/2014
31. Courage 7/13/2014
32. The Ring Master 8/17/2014
33. If My Shoes Could Talk 7/11/2014
34. Life Is Music 7/10/2014
35. Die Young 7/11/2014
Best Poem of Maverick Jones

Die Young

Life is perfect sitting on your front porch swing,
listening to the mockingbird sing.
Then you get one call,
that threatens to end it all,
you feel like you rammed into a steel wall.

How can everything be fine then go so horribly wrong?
You feel like your in a dream state and you don't belong,
you don't know how to even begin to stay strong.

You start to slip from all reality and no longer grow,
life hit you with a low blow,
you start to believe there is no tomorrow.

You start to hate everything and everyone,
you lock yourself away in ...

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Where Is The Honor?

Large dark clouds gathered on the skyline,
time for battle plans to be design.
Leaders send there soldiers away to fight the fight,
leaving them at which doesn't seem so right.
What happen to the kings and leaders that rode into battle with his men? Back when honor had meaning.
When kings weren't afraid to pick up a sword,
why have these honors been sweep away under the battle board.
Where did all the heroes go?
Can't we go back in time and bring back the honor before we all fall,

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