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Max Soon Poems

1. Caged Clown 7/27/2008
2. Love's Eternity Vow 7/27/2008
3. The Heart's Cry 7/27/2008
4. Plead For A Perfect World 7/27/2008
5. Life's Cursed Tune 8/2/2008
6. The Damage, Depression And Disappointment Of The Heart 8/2/2008
7. Till The End Of Time 8/2/2008
8. Can Anybody Tell Me Why 9/14/2008
9. Distance 9/14/2008
10. The Tide Of Memories 11/17/2008
11. Saving And Saving Again 11/17/2008
12. Never Failing Love 12/13/2008
13. The One Who Loves Me, And Everyone Else 8/3/2008
14. It Hurts. 4/9/2009
15. Watch The Autumn Leaves Fall 3/22/2010
16. Chase Not 3/15/2011
17. Life's Cruel 5/20/2009
18. Never Give Up Hope 4/3/2009
19. The Memory That Kills 11/17/2008
20. In The Deepest Corner Of My Heart 8/23/2008
21. The Day You Went Away 8/2/2008
22. I Am Blessed Because... 2/7/2010
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I Am Blessed Because...

I am blessed because I wake up every morning with breakfast ready on my table,
when there are people waking up to hunger.

I am blessed because I wake up with clothes to wear,
when there are people shivering in the cold.

I am blessed because I wake up knowing that I don't have to walk to school,
when there are people who don't have a school to go to.

I am blessed because I get to eat even if it's not time for breakfast, lunch or dinner,
while some people wonder when the next meal will come.

I am blessed because I am living such a ...

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Love's Eternity Vow

Love's Eternity Vow

On this fateful January,
Cupid's Arrow shot at me,
I didn't know what happened you see,
'cause all i saw was you and me.

And so I started a long journey,
finding a route to you desperately,

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