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Hi everyone! (Yes, I noticed that people actually look at this. Shocking!) Welcome to my profile! :)

My name is Maya Hanson, otherwise known as Mye. I was actually named after Maya Angelou...what a coincidence, I followed in her footsteps and write poetry and stories as well. :) I am a junior in high school and 16 years old. I have been writing poetry since about 2nd grade. More than half of my poems are also songs but you can't tell which because I can't put music to them on this site.

I love to write; I am working on nine novels right now called Stealing Summer, How to Drink Champagne, How to Say I Love You,10 (Sort Of) Sins I Committed, Falling for Hayley, Love Wasn't Made for an Olympian, By My Ocean, Forever Is Too Long, and Into the Unknown.

I am on the open optionals gymnastics team level 7 at Spirits. We compete about five times a year. Some of my role models are Aly Raisman, McKayla Maroney, Carly Patterson, Victoria Moors, Angelina Kysla, Viktoria Komova, Lizzy LeDuc, Maggie Nichols, Katelyn Ohashi, Katie Patterson, and Madison Kocian.

I play the piano. In 2012 I taught myself to play Between the Lines by Sara Bareilles while one of my friends sang.

I sing in the high school choir, although I couldn't take choir this year because it conflicted with my schedule. I also do duets with my sister.

I am the oldest child in my family. I have one younger sister who is 13 and 3 cats.

I am the president of a made-up island called Smim.

I am in a fake band called WAML Rockers with four of my friends. We make random songs and record them on Audacity.

On YouTube, I manage the channel for ChaoticPuddingProductions, a group made up of me and some of my friends and family. We make random videos and trailers for our writing. Watch and subscribe!

'Marinara Sauce Chen' who is also a member says I have mental issues. HI MARINA! ! !

Please comment on my poems! ! ! I would love the
feedback! ! !


Maya Hanson (mye3 poet)'s Works:

I have an e-Book...does that count? :) Search mye3 poet's poems on Google and it'll probably come up. Updates

I'll Be Your Ears

I'll be your ears
you be my eyes
I'll be your sound
you be my sight

You complete me
Your broken code links to mine
You destroy me
I'm hanging by a lifeline

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