Treasure Island

Mbali Gina

Poems of Mbali Gina

1. An Apology Letter, to Say I Am Sorry Can Take Millions Words 7/20/2011
2. FLOWERS 3/27/2013
3. I Am Sharing Who I Am With Everything 7/18/2011
4. Loneliness 8/17/2011
5. Love loving you 3/27/2013
6. THE SUCCESS 3/27/2013
7. To be your child Lord 3/27/2013
8. Two Birds 7/20/2011
9. You Are Holy Lord 3/27/2013

Two Birds

Hey two birds can sing together
they can teach one another
they share luv together
they share happiness together
they sleep together in the same branch of sweet fruits tree
they can joy and dance together
they live their spirits together
they fly on the same direction of any season together
they share their sorrow without blaming one another

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