Mckenzi Lew

(11.4.93 / i wanna be in the bahamas)

Poems of Mckenzi Lew

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2. I Am 2/9/2008
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5. Love 2/11/2008
6. Misconseptions 2/9/2008
7. No Doubts 2/9/2008
8. Stronger And Stronger 2/11/2008
9. The Sunset Through My Eyes [a haiku] 2/15/2008
10. This Morning... 3/8/2008
11. Trying To Forget 2/9/2008

No Doubts

i want you to know how i feel but its just so hard to express
but i sure know one thing, i love you more than i 'loved' all the rest
i really thought i loved them, but that was just a lie
because i simply forgot about them and forever said goodbye
but i know this is love right here
because you dont just fade in and out
my feelings remian strong and
my heart has no doubts.

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