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1. You'Re The One 5/28/2009
2. You'Re Beauty's Magic 12/4/2008
3. Your Gone 8/6/2009
4. Your Footsteps 5/23/2008
5. You'Ll Always Be Part Of Me 5/8/2008
6. You Changed My Life 3/4/2009
7. You Broke My Heart Again 4/13/2008
8. You And You Alone 11/6/2007
9. You And Me 2/4/2008
10. Yolanda, You Captured Me 1/2/2008
11. World's Political Crisis 10/13/2008
12. Will Of The Heaven 2/1/2008
13. Wika, Gabay Sa Kaunlaran 1/2/2008
14. Why We Have To Die 5/7/2009
15. Why Somebody's Better 9/1/2008
16. Why Jesus Christ Didn'T Marry? 9/14/2008
17. Why I Enrolled Law? 7/30/2013
18. Whoever You Are 5/7/2009
19. Whisphering Pine Trees 3/24/2008
20. Where Do I Draw My Poetry 1/28/2008
21. Whenever Your Lonely 6/12/2008
22. When You Come Into My Life 9/11/2007
23. When Someone Is Gone 9/11/2007
24. When One Is Known 10/9/2008
25. When Nobody Loves Somebody 4/21/2008
26. When Love And Skill Works Together, Expect A Masterpiece 2/18/2009
27. What To Do, When You Don'T Know What To Do 12/11/2014
28. What On My Mind The Facebook (Fb) Ask? 8/4/2010
29. What Matters Most 5/24/2010
30. What Makes A Man, Gentleman? 9/2/2008
31. What Makes A Man Rich? 11/15/2007
32. What Is Business 7/30/2009
33. What If I Can'T Love No More 6/11/2010
34. What If God Is One Of Us? 9/18/2008
35. What If - 2 5/20/2009
36. What If 5/20/2009
37. What I Am Is God’s Gift, What I Become Is My Gift To God 2/18/2009
38. Welcome To The Cordillera 12/2/2007
39. Welcome To Kalinga 2/2/2009
40. Wedding Dance 3/12/2008

A Love Went Wrong

The sun keep on shining high
With sweet and tender smiles
As melody of rhythm fill the sky
with scents of joy more than mile.

I never thought I could ever sigh
with needles of pains every while
As the wind whispers me to fly
the tears of sorrows in my eyes.

I love to fumble a lovely melody
rejoicing for having your serenity
but when you gifted me infidelity
I hung my guitar to rest eternally.

I may not be perfect as you see
But never did I love somebody
For I vowed to serve forever thee
until my life be gone someday.

But with ...

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Twilight Memories

Tabuk, Kalinga, Philippines

The night was silent with its great slumber
While calmly touching every depth of my body
Making me shiver every toil my hands uncover
As I wrote down the memories of my journey.

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