Melvina Germain

Gold Star - 25,215 Points [Antoleza] (Sydney, Nova Scotia)

Biography of Melvina Germain

Melvina Germain poet

Bio of Melvina Germain

Diversity is the diamond chip of poetic success. Melvina Germain, born in Sydney, Nova Scotia validates and exemplifies that. Her perpetual passion and yen broadening her literary scope has enabled her to establishherself as a solid Multi Style Poet.

Melvina Germain's Works:

Kindle Poetry books available on
1. Journery of the Soul
2. Above the Rain
3. Conscious Revelation
4. Tiny Bubbles

Quote Chat Books...4 in total available http: //

New Beginning...Available on Updates

Spiritual Warmth

The warmth, beauty and spell of spirit...You know when a family member or good friend passes on, I do experience sadness. The only reason I do so is knowing I can't see them in the flesh and won't be able to carry on that same vocal conversation. Well at the same time I smile knowing they no longer reside in the flesh body but have taken on that spiritual existence which to me indicates life goes on and a beautiful beginning takes place.
I've learned over the years that they are only a whisper

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