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Martin Lochner Cape Town / South Africa, Female, 36

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  • Martin Lochner (8/29/2011 7:32:00 AM) Post reply

    the marching song

    Mindless things
    the stars, the mountain and the river
    as a thousand men march off to battle!

    connecting the blinking dots
    you draw your face on the canvas of eternity

    March! March! March!

    following the pined curves
    you etch your body against its everlasting marble

    March! March! March!

    deathless the river flows
    Sprouting life as far as its splendour goes

    Mind me!
    As we reach the killing ground

    a thousand men will soon be forgotten
    dispatched under heavens studded indifference
    Laughing skulls chalking away on the windy mountain

    and the stained river leaving the valley
    with thousand gallons of our blood

    Mind me!
    As young men awkwardly leaves the killing ground

    Thinking they would live forever
    They fell silent in tagged body bags!

  • Martin Lochner (5/6/2011 4:27:00 PM) Post reply

    The Secret of the little yellow flower:

    After intensive study and meditation the image of the little yellow flower came to my mind and swaying in that celestial place it communed to me and gave a simple little secret I want to share with you all


    Between two tightly paved
    concrete slabs

    I found a yellow dandelion
    moist and rooted

    In the mossy crevice where it grew
    Feeling growing dread
    That misty morning feet

    Would crush her green spine

    The little flower unperturbed
    glowed Vermeer like
    with a film of pollen gloss

    It seemed oblivious to the
    crushing threat
    and stood there with a straight back


    and beautifully alive

    According to the Oxford dictionary the Dandelion is considered a weed and is found worldwide. It seems inconceivable to uproot a little tender flower like that because of the simple fact that it is considered to be weed specie.
    For that very reason I chose the Dandelion as the theme as one of my poems and to ennoble it as a symbol for surviving, fortitude and courage against all the dangerous variables life throws at us.
    Lines 01 and 02 – Serves to indicate modern civilization and its infrastructure that is cramped and overpopulated and with no regard for the naturalness of this world. This is the setting of our Dandelion that is rooted in this confined space to settle himself in this abnormality. This further confirms his isolation and “out of place” environment with this material world. She has her existence further isolated from the other little flowers of this stretch of pavement. The little flower is an outsider and in contradiction to her environment.
    Lines 03,04,05- These lines introduce an observer that that can be considered sensitive, acute and contemplative in its observation towards the Dandelion and its awkward place of growth. We can call the observer a thinker or even spiritually endowed to see the truth of this matter.
    Lines 06,07,08 The observer sees more than just a weed but is “awake” to the danger and frailty of this insignificant little flower and dreads harm and mutilation of it. Misty morning feet denote the blind indifference of systemic productivity of the world and its insistence to material existence even at the cost of the innocent that is small and frail as the little Dandelion flower.
    Lines 09,10,11There is a deeper implication here and the little flower actually challenge the metaphysical understanding of many in that she is continuing her life(furthering and promoting life by her reproductive drive that is natural) without worry to the crushing brutality of life and do so beautifully.
    Line 12,13, and 14: The wise observer holds an existential view of life and maybe can be the Philosopher Simone Beauvoir in person watching this spectacle and learning. The little flower affirms life even against the dire fate awaiting her. She stands tall and with an austere courage that says yes to her fragile life and the rules of LIFE
    We must cherish this one life we have without nostalgia or wishes of permanency. All we have is this miraculous moment in time that is a reward in itself and cursing it or wishing its extension seems like the real blasphemy depressing the good that is this life.
    Practical application:
    Get up! clean yourself up and start doing what matters the most to you!
    Studies and research and a pinch of experience:
    J.P Sarte: Being and Nothingness, Nausea
    A. Camus: The Myth of Sisyphus, the Outsider
    C.Wilson: The Outsider
    A. Gide: The imorralist
    Dostoyevsky: Notes in the underground
    F.Nietsche: Thus spake Zarathustra

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