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[Rumi] (1207 - 1273 / Persia)

Poems of Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi

41. I Was Dead 3/30/2010
42. I will beguile him with the tongue 1/1/2004
43. If a Tree could Wander 3/30/2010
44. If I weep 1/1/2004
45. If You Show Patience 3/30/2010
46. If you Want What Visible Reality 3/30/2010
47. In love 3/30/2010
48. In The Arc Of Your Mallet 3/30/2010
49. In the End 3/30/2010
50. In the Waters of Purity 3/30/2010
51. Laila and the Khalifa. 1/1/2004
52. Last night my soul cried O exalted sphere of Heaven 1/1/2004
53. Last night you left me and slept 3/30/2010
54. Late, by Myself 3/30/2010
55. Let go of your worries 3/30/2010
56. Let Me be Mad 10/26/2013
57. Light Breeze 3/30/2010
58. Light Up The Fire 10/26/2013
59. Like This 3/30/2010
60. Lord, what a Beloved is mine! 1/1/2004

Did I Not Say To You

Did I not say to you, “Go not there, for I am your friend; in this
mirage of annihilation I am the fountain of life?”
Even though in anger you depart a hundred thousand years
from me, in the end you will come to me, for I am your goal.
Did I not say to you, “Be not content with worldly forms, for I
am the fashioner of the tabernacle of your contentment?”
Did I not say to you, “I am the sea and you are a single fish;
go not to dry land, for I am your crystal sea?”
Did I not say to

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