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(February 10th,1986 / New Jersey, US)

Biography of Michael Ardizzone

I was born not too long ago in a suburban hospital in New Jersey. I grew up in my hometown-lived there throughout my formative years with a good family in a two story house. I go to college currently in Poughkeepsie, NY at Marist College, studying Computer Science (my major) and Writing (my minor) . Currently I'm in a program that will allow me to graduate after five years of schooling with both a BS and MS in Software Development.

My eyes have been a trouble since I was very young and though I wear glasses now, I can never hope to see the world how it should be seen. As such, I've developed a different way of looking at things. Everything is rich with metaphor and significance to me-sometimes it is overwhelming. This is my inspiration to write.

My skill in writing was slow to develop. I didn't grow into anything close to a writer until I was 16 and discovered that I enjoyed writing poetry. The past five years have been speckled with spurts of poetic productivity. I read poetry every day from both amateur and professional authors. I try to study and hone my art as much as I can while I work and go to school.

I'm still not a quick reader, though I greatly enjoy reading novels, it takes me a month to get through one. I enjoy being immersed in another world and drawing the emotions from the characters into myself, feeding on them. These emotions inspire much of my work. Likewise, I need all the emotion I can get-I tend to be a loner. My friends are few and close, but none seem to appreciate poetry as much as I do, so I've come on the internet seeking like-minded individuals. Updates

Three Words

Like a fire that sucks all the air from the room
she enters and drains my hope into a reservoir of love.
A collection of choices made once now will alternate forever
forever altering my mindset, my set of hopes and dreams
and with a wish, a gesture, and three word phrase
a thousand windows are broken by a delinquent ball
and no-one cares at all-
and those three words still hang in the air
thicker than a choking fog,

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