Miranda Will

Rookie (January,25,1994 / USA)

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Contact me @: Randijay@gmail.com
My pen name comes form a nick name my uncle gave me when I was little. I am his favorite nice of 6, he is my one uncle that I do have contact with. My last name is my grandpa's last name and he has passed on. That is how I became Randi Jay Williamson.

I have a tendency to say what’s on my mind before thinking of the consequences, and often hurt the person I try not to hurt. I have been separated from all my friends and most of my family by their choice or gods. I have one really good friend that does understand what I am going through, because he is too going through something similar. I am thankful to this sight for giving people like me a way to let out my feelings in poetry as well as read others that I can relate to.

I am going through some really tough times right now. I found out that I need to have surgery on both of my feet for a problem that will only get worse the longer I wait. My mom made the appointments on April 5th 2010 and August 10th 2010. I will have so much free time that I will hopefully come up with some new poems. Until then, LOVE EVERYONE EVERYWHERE.

So This year I am a Senior in Highschool and I have not had much time to write poetry. I have alot of poems, but I have to type them up.

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Love Or Not

When I was younger I was taught to love,
To love anything and everything.
As I get older I have learned that to be a lie.
I had loved animals, people, teachers; everything,
but it was always taken from me at some point or
another by something unknown.

Animals by death or rules.
People by god's will or theirs.

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