Mittur Ramprasad

Biography of Mittur Ramprasad

Like to be known as ASHRAM, Born in Bangalore and now living in Tullahoma in state of Tennessee USA.By profession I am an Orthopaedic surgeon and as a hobby write poetry and hopefully my poems are worth reading. I sincerly appreciate and welcome comments crtics so I can be a better writer.

Mittur Ramprasad's Works:

1 Tragedy Of America
After 9/11 tragerdy raising funds for Redcross

2 ASHRAM Universe is a religious retreat
Both are self published in Tullahoma Tn Updates

Searching The Soul

Searching the soul strumming the guitar's sullen strings
Making music to resonate the sorrow of the moment
Roaming on the fret with fingers showing the feelings
Trying to blend the tears of grieving heart's sentiment

Searching the soul for the reasons of the event
Hoping to find the answers for what it meant
Searching the soul to find a way to repent
Trying to forget the bitter past of torment

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