Treasure Island

Mitzie Thorne

(August 10,1965 / Jamaica; West Indies)

Poems of Mitzie Thorne

1. A Father Is 4/26/2008
2. A Star is Born in Obama 10/7/2008
3. America Post 911 4/26/2008
4. Full Speed Ahead 11/10/2008
5. History in Motion 1/21/2009
6. I Am 4/26/2008
7. Man's Torment 4/26/2008
8. Mind's Confusion 4/26/2008
9. My Fantasy 4/26/2008
10. My Window 4/26/2008
11. Unbelievable 11/10/2008
12. Where Were you? A Tribute to Michael Jackson 7/8/2009

I Am

I am the deep blue waters of the Caribbean sea
So don't you dare try to decipher me
When golden sunrays filter through my curtain
I am warm and strong
Strong enough to move you along
With just a little help from the wind
As she pushes against my body she's my friend
She tickles my soul as she makes big and small waves from my skin
And as my rival she cohorts with the rain to bring me pain

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