Mohabeer Beeharry

Veteran Poet - 1,714 Points [Benny] (23 November 1937 / Mauritius)

Biography of Mohabeer Beeharry

Mohabeer Beeharry poet

I was born in Mauritius in 1937. I am married and have two children, one son and one daughter and two granddaughters. In 1964 I came to London to study law. I studied at the Lincoln's Inn. I also did B.ed(hons) . I love writing poems, mostly on philosophical and spiritual themes. Most of my poems come from intuitions obtained in meditation. I do not demand a lot from life. I am very satisfied with what I have. However it breaks my heart to see so much of blood shed and hypocrisy around the world. There is hardly any knowing who to trust. Still I love this humanity. There may be a little fire or storm going on here and there. But humanity is a glorious state of being.
God bless this humanity.

Mohabeer Beeharry's Works:

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In The Wilderness

Once in a dream I was in a wilderness,
My life and heart as barren as the rocks,
That lay scattered around;
A colourless moon looked down behind a veil of mist.
No stars to grace the night's freezing shroud.
It was an endless place,
So silent, my heartbeat sounded like great thuds on the solid surface of the gloom.
But why was I there, I wondered?
There was no answer, for none existed:

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