Mohamed Amer

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Biography of Mohamed Amer

Born in 1985, Iraq, all my life experienced wars, but the war with guns were the easy one, the mental war was war of my life, that i battle every day, and it made me read poets from the ages of reason and sensibility... when their writing include passion to a cause and that they stood in the face of the crowd.
I stand against the crowd, right or wrong, i will never know the answer for that, but i will walk not in their path, but i will walk in the way of whole, apart from media corruption, the superstitions and stupid traditions

Mohamed Amer's Works:

God Is In The Rain Updates

Rhetorical Question

I dreamt my whole life of heaven
Where the stairway take me to the Promised Land

Always knew that hell gates
Will close behind, and find peace in hand

I cry, because I don't feel that I fulfilled my destiny
It's always like this, like butterfly depraved of beauty
An empty place for more vanity

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