Treasure Island

Mohamed Amer


Poems of Mohamed Amer

1. After All... 1/4/2013
2. Altruistic Convenience 1/4/2013
3. Aporia 5/1/2013
4. Beyond The Limitations Of Gods 12/20/2012
5. Forfeit Against An Astute Counterfeit 12/20/2012
6. La Douleur Exquise 5/1/2013
7. Lord of Carnage 12/20/2012
8. Lucifer 5/1/2013
9. Philharmonic Latent Texture 5/1/2013
10. Rhetorical Question 1/4/2013
11. The Chronicles of Cain 1/24/2013
12. White Master Virtue 5/1/2013

Altruistic Convenience

The sound of silence is louder than …
The voices of those whom you want to invoke
No one cares about the justice call you chant
They no longer part of the system of life, it's a havoc
They are like animals, hunt and feed
All careless to the call, blinded to reach their need
Last time we marched to the sacred rights
We brought the organized anarchy, a lower height
They fear what they don't understand, and beyond comprehension

[Hata Bildir]