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Mohamed Amer


Poems of Mohamed Amer

1. After All... 1/4/2013
2. Altruistic Convenience 1/4/2013
3. Aporia 5/1/2013
4. Beyond The Limitations Of Gods 12/20/2012
5. Forfeit Against An Astute Counterfeit 12/20/2012
6. La Douleur Exquise 5/1/2013
7. Lord of Carnage 12/20/2012
8. Lucifer 5/1/2013
9. Philharmonic Latent Texture 5/1/2013
10. Rhetorical Question 1/4/2013
11. The Chronicles of Cain 1/24/2013
12. White Master Virtue 5/1/2013

After All...

I renounce you
You brought no mirth to my gardens
I sacrificed my life for your sake
And all what around me is fake
I held to your world in astray
Where I fall to your hell day by day
Where you told me these red flames are paradise
When you lead, I followed with blind eyes
Where you took me to the unknown

[Hata Bildir]