Mohammed Hassan (Piracy In The Mediterranean)

Rookie (3/3/1990 / Al Iskandarī yah)

Mohammed Hassan (Piracy In The Mediterranean) Poems

1. The World We Never Saw 9/20/2009
2. I Philosopher 9/20/2009
3. Seduce The Mermaid 9/20/2009
4. Mercy Land 9/20/2009
5. Handwriting - Fear 9/20/2009
6. Time For Mistakes 9/20/2009
7. Same Old Song 9/20/2009
8. The Diary's Pencil 9/20/2009
9. Preoccupied 9/26/2009
10. Poems In Vain 9/26/2009
11. Messenger Of Wrong Nation 9/26/2009
12. Half Passion 9/28/2009
13. Under My Bed 9/28/2009
14. The Right Door 9/28/2009
15. My Destiny Isn'T Heaven 11/1/2009
16. Along The Path To Hell 11/29/2009
17. Hindermost 9/27/2010
18. Dear Poor Nemesis, There's No Entrance 11/2/2010
19. No One Collides 11/4/2010
20. Magenta Lies 12/14/2010
21. Dies Irae 2/21/2011
22. Wonder Woes 2/26/2011
23. Deciduous Vines 7/13/2011
24. Logicians 9/21/2009
25. Demons Paradise 9/20/2009
26. Greyish Lustre 10/14/2010
27. Stupidity Ocean 10/18/2010
28. Raging The Child 9/20/2009
29. Sunset 12/2/2009
30. A Young Sunny Day 11/8/2009
31. The Last Poem I Will Waste On You (Lifeless Birthday Wish) 6/3/2011
32. Whatsoever 12/14/2010
33. Fearless Equestrienne 9/20/2009
34. Nightpath 9/26/2009
35. Hands Of Sin 11/29/2009
36. Clarion 12/2/2009
37. Oceans Of Gold 1/19/2010
38. A Homeless Memory 3/7/2010
39. The Ghost Of Light 9/28/2009
40. Innocence Is Weakness 12/2/2009
Best Poem of Mohammed Hassan (Piracy In The Mediterranean)

Al Zabaaniyah

you used to be proud of your ancient gods of time
now show us what your gods have done
they don't have meaning for life of these new days
they are a fantasy for the hollow eyes

yes we were the kings of ancient times we won't be as always we've been
when it is the time the mighty god will punish you all and it will be seen

we all are descending from Adam's genuine blood
not children of these so called gods
earth has one ruler and you didn't see the knowledge
all what you saw is a broken nail of his

you will be the firewood for the fiery hell
and ...

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Handwriting - Fear

I love the innocent look on their faces when he comes
don't try to cheat because if you do, after you he will run
just take me instead of him he was my dearest teacher
don't lay on your bed he likes to hunt his preys there

please, give me the strength to conquer him
please, give me the power to kill him within
give me one good reason to keep you
please, give me the truth and let me through him

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