moon dust

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Biography of moon dust

I am me. I seek to live free. I miss the Sky and all her beauty. I miss a lot of things. I walk gently. I try to give love, be love and seek love. I don't eat animals, I love them. I seek and soak the sun. I try to be kind, yet fail from time to time, for I am a spirit being in a human world, aren't we all? Updates

Giving Me The Moon

I dreamed I saw you
Body browned by the sun, crystal violet drops
hanging in your long, night hair
And I ran into the water with outstretched hands
And you lifted your arms to the sky and grabbed the moon
In it's ripe fullness
You handed it to me
I took it, cool, glowing circle in my hands
I held it up to my eyes and I could see through a time

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