Treasure Island

Muhammad Bilal


Poems of Muhammad Bilal

1. A Indubitable Day 5/5/2013
2. Allah Is Above 5/5/2013
3. Contemplate 5/5/2013
4. Faith 5/5/2013
5. Light 5/5/2013
6. Nature 5/5/2013
7. Pain 5/5/2013
8. The Heart Of A Muslim 5/5/2013
9. The World 5/5/2013
10. Warfare 5/5/2013


Unnatural smiles played by emotions,
the look that fools all the generations,
everyone is turning into an enemy!
The art of war in a modern army.

I imagine that ruled by weak overlords,
leading innovation and imitation by others,
otherwise discussing the rights and wrongs,
they want to be able to finance them wars.

[Hata Bildir]